Some views on the complicated issues of 'real life'
Published on August 30, 2004 By oneofus In Blogging
OK, I'm very presumptuous, and suggest in the title that I'll tell You why anybody writes this things. But not really. Here I'll think about why I do it and maybe it is valid for somebody else. Maybe even You.

So, why do I do it? Is it because I have no one to talk to about some things? Well, no, I have a wife that is also my very good friend (no, she is not reading this) and I can talk to her about anything. I also have some friends (who are not my wife, and also not reading this), open to discussion on various subjects and willing to clash minds with me.

Do I do it because of the need for fame or approval? Wrong again. For one, I work in media industry and get a lot of exposure (under my real name) every day, much more than I can hope to get here. I also get paid for that which is not the case for the blogging.

Is the lack of time a problem? It could be. I really have very little time to meet and talk with people that is not work related and when we do meet, we tend to talk about life that's happening to us and not about the philosophical subjects. But we do sometimes discuss thing like these that I write about so yes time is an issue but not the main reason for my blogging.

Seems to me I blog because of the need to put some issues on the paper (well, screen) in front of me and be able to look at them, think about them and come back to them. Sometimes the things look so clear when I think about them but come out garbled and meaningless - and that is probably because they weren’t so clear to start with. So I blog about them and see what happens. Maybe it will help me think about it, maybe it will discourage me to pursue the though or action further or maybe something else will happen.
And why not save it as a document on my own computer? I guess there are two reasons - one is that maybe someone will have a comment that can help me, or will find what I write useful for him/her to expand their way of thinking (so I'm a good Samaritan as well as a presumptuous bastard) and the other is that I'm maybe an intellectual exhibitionist and like to show others what I think on certain subjects.

So look - this is how I think.

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