Some views on the complicated issues of 'real life'
Published on September 6, 2004 By oneofus In Philosophy
There's people who want to but cannot heave children, people who would like to adopt children and countries (mostly in Europe) having a very low birth rate and in need of children. There are also people performing abortions, people having too many children to support them and people neglecting their children - in emotional development, education and other aspects.

On the other hand, there are countries where the streets are full of cars, parking places are hard to find and car-related pollution is extreme. In some other countries people have to travel on foot, hang from busses or squeeze in packed trains (which often crash). Interestingly, there's usually more children in the 'car-challenged' countries than in the 'street-crowded' ones.

Another point of interest is that to operate a vehicle a permit is needed, the vehicle itself is taxed and the operator is expected to have passed a course and an exam. No such thing for children. Strange? I think it is.

Because, if we see that the children are:
a) more important for the survival of the species,
cost more,
c) can (potentially) create greater damage to the 'owner' and the society as a whole and
d) can (also potentially) provide greater benefits...

we should have permits for children, yearly check-ups for maintenance and licence revoking procedure for parents who don't treat them properly. Yes, I know there are these sort of procedures in place but are they performed as regularly as traffic controls?

Why should people be allowed to just have a child, without passing any exams, or having children and neglecting them when there are other people willing to give them their love and affection? Why does our society create stricter rules for car ownership and usage than for child-having and support? Is it because the property is more important than people? Somehow it seems to be the case. But should it be like that?

To end on a lighter note:
'What's the difference between the car and a baby?'
You can make a baby in a car, but you cannot make a car in a baby.

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