Some views on the complicated issues of 'real life'
Published on September 30, 2004 By oneofus In Philosophy
Reading the forums I've come to the conclusion most people haven't studied logics in high school. The logical errors in argumentation are abundant and are the reason most discussions end in a petty bickering.

Maybe reading this Link or this Link could help.

on Sep 30, 2004
I doubt consumate, flawless logic would lessen any of the petty bickering. After all, we all know coyotes howl at the moon.

(The second sentence was illogic humour, folks.)
on Sep 30, 2004
Firstly nice to meet you!

Also great links, I agree to your point in the respect that most people (in general society also ) don't argue effectively. This is to do with logic but also to do with the human condition to not read (or listen) attentively, hence jumping to conclusions and going on the defensive. I can't remember who wrote it, but a while ago someone wrote an article saying that (maybe only in the UK??) they are going to start logic/argumentation classes in schools to better prepare kids for the greater world. I think it would be a good idea and help to decrease small fights and bickering....

on Sep 30, 2004
We have logic classes in most high schools but it doesn't help much.

Also, there's another problem in forum discussions I find is a sign there'll be no smart conclusions reached - when people focus on one detail of the argument you made and not the whole thing. Like when You say: "A is B because C is D" - they say "Well, I don't like things that are called A and think they are not worth mentioning."