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Published on October 7, 2004 By oneofus In Home & Family
Who knew shopping could be such a nice experience?

Usually I hate going through the shops, looking at things and waiting for my wife to decide which of the three (usually more) almost identical objects has better 'value-for-money', looks better and can be considered of superior quality.

But not this time. Looking at all this prams (there are many kinds, with detachable parts and everything - almost as interesting as PC-s, and much more solidly built), child-beds and other objects 'necessary' for keeping a baby healthy and happy, I was somehow in a good mood and even particpated actively - which certainly surprised my wife.

Probably the because I tried to picture the little XX (still haven't found the name we both like) inside every contraption we were shown. Maybe it's the fatherly pride in being seen shopping for a baby with a wife who has obvious signs of gravidity, or something else... who knows.

We change in mysterious ways. And the baby hasn't even been born yet. I guess I'm in for an interesting ride.

on Oct 08, 2004
Congrats on the baby! Sounds like fun!
on Oct 11, 2004
We shall see... a few more months to go