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September 16, 2004 by oneofus
A white paper about woman in gaming industry (caution, 1,8 Mb PDF) Link says (among other things) that women enjoy games in a specific way.

**What a surprise! They enjoy most of the things in a different way than men - but that's another subject.**

Specifically, it says that the situations where You lose a life and irreversibly lose some abilities or achievements can force a woman to stop playing altogether. Can you not agree? There's nothing more irritating than losing a life and having ...
September 13, 2004 by oneofus
It seems "Games are growing up" Link and Link - at least that is how the 'mainstream media' describes the case of digital nudity.

There is more than one issue here so I'd just like to state those I'll refrain from commenting now:
- there's been provocative content in videogames from the start, so why the attention now? (probably because of the quality of graphics, but that's an excuse, not an explanation)
- how does a few naked bodies in a game mean that they have 'grown up' ? So, the i...
August 19, 2004 by oneofus
This is a rant about (video and computer) games and their effect on children. Nothing quite new, but somehow I don't feel anybody has given a definitive or objective statement about the subject. Neither can I but I can put forward some questions and think about them...

Let's see:
(talking about young children - ages 3-8)
- games are a tool for learning about the world around them, specifically teaching them the action-consequence and good-evil relationship. Games also help expand the vocab...
July 30, 2004 by oneofus
Thinking about the change that will soon take place in my life, I discovered the easiest way to treate it - as a new level. RPG players will probably understand what I'm talking about, as will most gamers. The enemies become tougher, the setting is slightly (but not too much) different, and most of the time You get new abilities, tools and weapons.

I'll certainly have some new responsibilities with the - let's call it 'familiar' (AD&D players will know) - on the way, and the 'Married' status...