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October 7, 2004 by oneofus
Who knew shopping could be such a nice experience?

Usually I hate going through the shops, looking at things and waiting for my wife to decide which of the three (usually more) almost identical objects has better 'value-for-money', looks better and can be considered of superior quality.

But not this time. Looking at all this prams (there are many kinds, with detachable parts and everything - almost as interesting as PC-s, and much more solidly built), child-beds and other objects 'necess...
September 3, 2004 by oneofus
I just felt my baby move through the skin of my wife's tummy. It's a special experience I can tell You (if You didn't have it already and I'm old news) and somehow awakening in a new way. Although I knew I would be getting a child in a few months, only now do I fully understand that there's a living creature waiting to happen in my wife's womb. So funny, how we can know something but not really understand it until we touch it or see it.

And, if You want to know, it's a girl.
August 12, 2004 by oneofus
Seeing as how I'll soon become a parent, each day I have some thoughts about the way I should bring up my child (and no, we don't know which gender it wil be - yet). Should I try to impose only a few moral guidelines, leave it all to the school and society or try to transfer to it my complete view of the world and value system? Each of these solutions is doomed to failure, as I've seen the results of them on my friends. E.:
- if a parent tries to enforce his/her view he can create two things: ...
August 9, 2004 by oneofus
So, as from two days ago, I am officially married. Nothing much has changed, except I have to wear this ring on my hand. The ceremony was OK, the food afterwards was OK, but somehow I don't feel as if all of it was necessary. For me at least.

For my parents, on the other hand, it was the marking of a point in life. A point that says 'You have rised a decendant that is now officially ready to make his own descendants'. Which, I understand, could mean quite a lot. It probably explains the tears...
July 28, 2004 by oneofus
I never knew wedding involved so much work . Look at what we had to do to get married (we didn't yet):

- We had to go to some sort of seminar for 5 days in a row (5x4 hours of quite boring stuff)
- We had to collect 4 documents (2 different per person) from various officials and than go to the communal centre to get a permit (paying money for each document)
- We had to collect 3 different church papers (from 3 different churches) and bring them to the church we are getting married in (all ...
July 22, 2004 by oneofus
It seems in our town (around 1 mil people) there's no dress for my (soon to be) wife. I got her call recently - she went through a good number of stores located in the centre of town and there's just nothing she could wear. Probably some kind of earthquake has happened as I remember I've seen lot's of pretty dresses I wouldn't mind marrying her in.

I hope the earthquake has spared the men's clothing shops as I still have to buy a suit.