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August 11, 2004 by oneofus
Sems to me the well known rant about 5ex being the hottest thing on Internet is getting older by the minute. Point in favor: 3 refferals to my article "My neck hurts" and just 1 to "No Dress Around". Note - none of this articles actually has much to do with hurting necks (except that mine did hurt) or dresses (except to say there is no dress around). But it can be expected that the people who were reffered to it were looking for a) something to soothe the pain in their neck and materials about ...
August 9, 2004 by oneofus
So, as from two days ago, I am officially married. Nothing much has changed, except I have to wear this ring on my hand. The ceremony was OK, the food afterwards was OK, but somehow I don't feel as if all of it was necessary. For me at least.

For my parents, on the other hand, it was the marking of a point in life. A point that says 'You have rised a decendant that is now officially ready to make his own descendants'. Which, I understand, could mean quite a lot. It probably explains the tears...
August 2, 2004 by oneofus
It does. Seems I shouldn't have ben sitting in the open doors to the balcony yesterday. It woke me up too early and doesn't let me think of anything else. I had some other thngs on my mind that I meant to write about but now the only fxxxxxx thing I can think about is the pain in my neck.
Aren't we the happy creatures? Supposed to be so high and mighty, walking on two legs, having such a big brain and thinking toughts so much above the average animal - but the pain in our neck can cmpletely ta...
July 30, 2004 by oneofus
Thinking about the change that will soon take place in my life, I discovered the easiest way to treate it - as a new level. RPG players will probably understand what I'm talking about, as will most gamers. The enemies become tougher, the setting is slightly (but not too much) different, and most of the time You get new abilities, tools and weapons.

I'll certainly have some new responsibilities with the - let's call it 'familiar' (AD&D players will know) - on the way, and the 'Married' status...
July 29, 2004 by oneofus
Questioning myself has come naturaly to me as I prepare for the wedding (and a child on the way) so one of the questions I'm asking myself is - am I egoistic? Elaborating on that, I also ask mister Me - Am I looking at things only from my point of view? Am I considering the events only evaluating the effects that affect me? Am I 'me-centric'?

Let's put aside the question of me writingh a bunch of questions that sound like the ones from the Sex & The City, how objective an answer I can get - a...
July 28, 2004 by oneofus
I never knew wedding involved so much work . Look at what we had to do to get married (we didn't yet):

- We had to go to some sort of seminar for 5 days in a row (5x4 hours of quite boring stuff)
- We had to collect 4 documents (2 different per person) from various officials and than go to the communal centre to get a permit (paying money for each document)
- We had to collect 3 different church papers (from 3 different churches) and bring them to the church we are getting married in (all ...
July 22, 2004 by oneofus
It seems in our town (around 1 mil people) there's no dress for my (soon to be) wife. I got her call recently - she went through a good number of stores located in the centre of town and there's just nothing she could wear. Probably some kind of earthquake has happened as I remember I've seen lot's of pretty dresses I wouldn't mind marrying her in.

I hope the earthquake has spared the men's clothing shops as I still have to buy a suit.
July 22, 2004 by oneofus
The subject of this one is overtime. As in "working more than a socially normalized work week's hours" ( In my country it is considered 'normal' not to be paid for it although the law says differently. Well, that's just the case of different criteria - the people expect You not to expect money for overtime hours as 'you should be happy that you got the yob in the first place' . Unemployment rating being around 24% percent as it is (far being from me to say that more than half...
July 22, 2004 by oneofus
I'm getting maried in a few weeks. Why? I don't know. We were fine living together for a few years, and we've been together much longer - and we never needed a contract. Now that the baby is coming it seems we do. Not that it's our wish, but the family just won't leave us alone. So we'll do it as it's not too big a deal. We just needed to listen to some religious crap for a week to get a church permit, than we had to visit various offices to get another kind of permit - this time from the state,...
July 22, 2004 by oneofus
This site is not necesarily aimed at an audience as it contains my views on things that are taking place around me.Writing it down helps sort my mind, but if anyone else gets any kind of positive feelings from reading it - You're welcome.